We all have strength within. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be afraid not to.

Mad Cow Drama Ensembles are dedicated to enhancing a student’s life confidence through the playful yet disciplined dramatic arts. Our classes develop communication and creative skills as we assist our student’s confidence, focus, and self discipline to grow. The drama games and exercises we utilize develop a broad variety of physical and mental skills.

Our students are encouraged to exhibit their unique individuality and are guided to share it in a group environment as a means of enhancing the individual and the class. Each class is in fact a little family which is encouraged to operate as a functional unit in a happy, caring environment. Learning to respect each others strengths is the key to successfully developing a caring student who will look to succeed at bettering themselves in their life. Parents and students are encouraged to have open communication with their tutor to ensure that the class unit works together.

Our tutors are performers who have a strong passion about their craft and the benefits it brings. They are all dedicated to assisting students to explore their imagination, examine and present their ideas, and listen to and support others ideas through physical and vocal narrative. Whilst we encourage a professional atmosphere, each class is often punctuated by laughter. The course of a class will vary from what appears to be pure mayhem, to total silence as students explore the boundaries of human nature.

Mad Cow gives students the opportunity to develop their acting skills. This in turn develops the way they act.

We can’t be good at everything and sometimes don’t know where we are supposed to fit in as we’re growing up. Drama classes assist to break down feelings of disconnection and barriers individuals have in personal development. Drama serves as a wonderful medium to help young people to connect with other peers who have different qualities to themselves. Mad Cow tutors will look for the strengths in each student and highlight these strengths. As confidence builds students are then guided to take in and copy the strengths of others. This helps develop well rounded individuals which also strengthens the group.

As students meet each week they become more social which expands their network and strengthens their fabric. Through enjoyable games and exercises each individual is challenged to move beyond their comfort zone. Each student will be encouraged to be an integral part of the family unit, the team. They are all encouraged to celebrate the growth in others and challenged to work through the differences which sometimes cause conflict.

There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.


We acknowledge and believe that we are all beautiful people. Sometimes life’s difficulties overwhelm us and we lose sight of what we were as a small child and more importantly who we can decide to be. Our classes help a student find their strengths and build on them. At the same time all the class is encouraged to see the qualities in others and to imitate qualities they admire in other students. This accelerates the learning process which creates an empathetic and supportive sharing atmosphere based on understanding. We lose our ignorance and the assumptions we make about others.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.
It is not something physical.