The Mad Cow Herd

Our team of tutors and students make up the Mad Cow herd. We operate as a supportive family. Our tutors are some of the best tutors available outside major city acting and drama institutions. In fact, we teach the same things! Mad Cow tutors are chosen for their compassion, ability to impart information, acting ability, and training experience.

Whilst their age and styles differ enormously they all have one common thread, the desire to continually grow and learn in the dramatic arts and to impart that experience to young people. Teaching further cements a tutors experiences. We strive to deliver all classes to our students in a fresh and enthusiastic manner.

Amazing, talented, professional and creative. Mad Cow Tutor’s are educated in the craft of acting and are passionate about sharing it with your kids.

Our tutors are encouraged to teach organically. They deliver from our dynamic curriculum in a manner best fitting each respective class. The dynamics of the students play a role in determining what they are taught. There many exercises in drama which lead to the same destination. Our tutors work to gain the students trust so they can be honest and supportive in appraising the student so they gain real developmental growth rather than a false façade of hope and stardom.

Meet The Mad Cow Team

IAIN McGUIREArtistic Director
Professional Actor and Founder of Mad Cow, Iain’s passion for assisting the growth of young people’s confidence through drama and acting is unrivalled…
Professional Actress and Tutor at Mad Cow, Tina provides an enormous amount of experience and an energised and supportive nature…
A Mad Cow student that has joined the teaching herd to impart her knowledge to junior students.
As an Award Winning Actree, Master of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies with extensive teaching experience and credentials, Inga share her knowledge to allow students to develop life skills that drama forges.
Her broad experience of stage management, lighting, costume design and make-up, as well as her joy at returning to Mad Cow’s inclusive environment make her an excellent role model to our students…
Impressive acting experience and skills of our youngest Tutor aside, it’s Rhiannon’s empathy and direct manner that provide her students with the support and direction they require, so that their confidence can bloom.

Our Staff Continually Develop

At Mad Cow, we recognise our tutors have an enormous variety of skills and teaching methods. Added to this we recognise we can’t all know everything. That is why Mad Cow tutors have regular meetings to share methods and styles of teaching ensuring our students have the best possible attention we can give them.

We not only share the information that we have personally developed in the classroom. We actively take turns to teach each other what we know.

As professional actors we are all definite on one point: The more we share together the better we all become.

We also recognise that every time we step into a studio to teach, we are invariably taught something about life by our students and both cherish and acknowledge this.

We teach with passion from the heart. We can empathise with students having difficulty with an exercise as we’ve all experienced difficulties on our dramatic arts pathway, as we may in life.

Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.


Be a part of the ‘Lights, camera, action!’

We are always looking for good people. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch to express your interest.

You’ll need to bring along your joie de vivre, a willingness to step outside of yourself and to show compassion for other’s journeys. Just one thing…. please check your ego at the door!