The Mad Cow Difference

Why choose Mad Cow?

Mad Cow drama classes deliver specially designed exercises to teach the skill required for performance. These exercises help children develop their lateral thinking and focus, confidence, trust, self-esteem and decision making abilities.

Students are encouraged to be true to their individuality and supported to own this in a group environment. In turn, children embrace and encourage the individuality of others!

Each class operates as a family, providing children with a happy, caring, safe and encouraging environment.

We are individuals and part of a team

Our classes help a student find their strengths and build on them. At the same time all the class is encouraged to see the qualities in others and to imitate qualities they admire in other students. This accelerates the learning process which creates an empathetic and supportive sharing atmosphere based on understanding. We lose our ignorance and the assumptions we make about others.

Don’t take our word for it!

“With the professional attitude, support and dedication to your students, it’s hard to find an equally professional company to compare with Mad Cow, even in Sydney. Milli will always be thankful she chose Mad Cow.”

Dragica Cenic (Mother of Milli aged 14).

Drama inspires creativity

In a world of devices our children are communicating through the barrier of a screen. Mad Cow drama classes takes that barrier away and encourages students to embrace all the ways in which we communicate effectively- verbally, visually, physically, actively.

Students learn the myriad ways in which words on a page, the script, can be interpreted. They are also encouraged to think creatively and to create their owns scripts and performances as part of the dramatic arts learning process. In short, drama gives them great skills!