Artistic Director

Iain’s connection with the performing arts began at 2 years of age when he was dressed up as Wee Willy Winkie by his mum for a fancy dress party. His lack of realisation at what was happening also extended to the many shows he was carted off to from 5 years of age. However, the bright lights, fancy costumes, song, and dance, created an explorative rabbit hole in his imagination the Mad Hatter would be proud of. Then the young boy began to understand what he saw….. and he liked it!

Oddly enough he spent the next 15 years excelling at soccer and surfing and the following 10 years raising a family, building a house and working as a firefighter. At 30 years old something happened….

Iain auditioned for a local musical and within three years had amassed a couple of hundred amateur performances on stage in seven different shows. During this time he studied performance at The Actors Centre, The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and several smaller Sydney training centres which focussed on fringe performance systems. Acquiring an agent with his knowledge he soon found himself being directed by Baz Luhrman in Opera Australia’s production of La Boheme. He was completely enamoured by the process of creating performance. Over the next decade he performed as a Guest Artist in almost every locally produced Australain TV show including: All Saints, Home and Away, McLeod’s Daughters, Young Lions, and Wildside. Iain has headlined in over 100 TV commercials. On stage he worked with Independant companies producing and creating sets for Jeremy Simm’s Pork Chop Productions and toured for 4 years performing in Postman Pat.

When Iain returned from a tour a local drama tutor asked him to fill in. Full of nerves he accepted the role and never looked back. Extending from his experience of coaching 6 year olds soccer when he himself was 15Year old, he began setting acting structures and questioning set philosophies. Within a year Iain Had started The Mad Cow Theatre Company which opened in 1997 with 6 classes.

In drama classes Iain brings a warm and playful disposition linked with a focussed and forthright delivery.

Iain’s passion to assisting young people’s confidence through drama and acting, and to forge their own path is unrivalled. Iain also creates and delivers acting and performance based workshops for the business sector as a means to improving staff relationships and productivity. His interest in human development led him to become an accredited Conference Facilitator with Fire Rescue NSW where he leads positive mediation processes in unhealthy workplaces.

In drama classes Iain brings a warm and playful disposition linked with a focussed and forthright delivery. The skills he has developed in playwriting, directing, performance on stage, TV and in film all combine with his philosophy that “nobody is healed until we’re all healed” to ensure Mad Cow students continually receive the best guidance and treatment in finding their way via their own imagination, in a collaborative and inspired environment.

“Actors told me, “don’t work with children!” I’m happy to have failed at that as long as the children we teach become confident in expressing their feelings and their dreams, and importantly: knowing to change their communication style to be understood by all the different people they’ll meet.”